About Me

I’m a book lover, book worm, bibliophile, book hoarder, book eater, book collector, book(z) freak.

To me, reading is a personal experience. One’s opinion on a book depends on one’s experiences and also one’s mood while reading it. That’s why I like almost ALL storytelling genres there is. My selection of book to read depends on my mood at the time. So there’s a chance my preferences on a certain book changed at other time, because my mood is also changing. So I’m just going to write my opinion after reading a book for the FIRST time.

That’s why i created this blog, as a place to write my personal experience while reading a book, and to share my opinion about it. This is my kind of place, my sanctuary, my haven, and my home.

Welcome and enjoy the journey.

-Nadya Andwiani (natnat)-


Please leave a link to your book’s blog in the comment box below.


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